Say It

Drew’s first CD is called Say It. It hasn’t been available for purchase anywhere for a very long time. If it ever becomes available for purchase anywhere I’ll take this down, but until then it seems silly not to make it available.

I tried to upload the whole CD as a ZIP file but for some reason MegaUpload didn’t like that, so you’ll have to download the songs individually.

1. Sunflower

2. Let It Like

3. Casanova’s Waltz

4. Pushing Back

5. Soothing Tones

6. Big Game

7. South

8. Go Find Your Man

9. Aerohigh

10. Waiting to Serve

11. Strange and Beautiful

12. His Hymn

13. Down

14. Let It Lie (Remix)

15. Go Find Your Man (Remix)

16. The Frog and the Scorpion


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