2018 #DairyFreeDrewcookie


Listening to my Lestat promo CD while turning over an AirBnB (which the guests who just checked out left wreaking of weed… so cleaning with windows open and fans on… in a blizzard). Still not the worst #Drewmas lol”

“9th annual Drewmas was off to a slow start of listening to cast recordings while working away from a computer or TV, followed by some musical episodes while working at the office, and then finally some games, musicals and Drewcakes with Ari, Laura and Andy!”

“Just played Sheriff of Nottingham with Ari, Laura and Andy while watching Dr. Horrible as part of the Drewmas fun…. well, fun until we counted up points…. 112, 113, 118, and 187. One of these things is not like the other, dammit Andy wiped the floor with us lol.

On to Rocky Horror Picture Show and Munchkin!

Oh, and Drewcakes, obviously (and a dairy-free Drewcookie for Laura)”



Watched Buffy & Women vs Suits & Dr Horrible & Holy Musical Batman

Listened to Lestat & Addams Family