2009 #TheFirstDrewmas

The first Drewmas celebration was held January 6th, 2009. There were 5 people in attendance. It consisted of a white-elephant gift exchange, Drewcake and lots of cast recordings!

The story of the first Drewmas:

In 2009 I was living in the same city where I went to college, which was not the same city where I grew up, consequently I had lots of new friends in the city where I was living and all my old friends and family in my home town.  Many of my friends from college were in the same situation. This meant that for the most part we all left town just before Christmas and didn’t return until after New Years (depending on class and work schedules).

Well I had met one of my new friends via the Drew Sarich/International Victim Myspace page (you know, back when people used MySpace…). It was pretty awesome being friends with someone else who was a Drew fan, the inside jokes were endless! Anyway, Christmas of 2008 I had an extended break from work for the holidays so I decided to go home for my whole vacation and my return date kept getting moved back and eventually my friend said that if I would stop moving my return date back that when I returned we would have Drewcake! Now, anyone who has had Drewcake knows that it is the best cake ever.

I protested that we couldn’t just have Drewcake for no reason! But I did want Drewcake…. so we agreed that it wouldn’t just be a “welcome home” Drewcake, oh no, it would be a whole Drew-based holiday!

The date was set for January 6th because that’s the same day as Epiphany which is the Christian holiday that celebrates the realization that Jesus Christ was actually God in the form of man on Earth. Now, this seems silly because Jesus just had his big holiday a month before so we decided to re-appropriate the day to a better use: celebrating Drew Sarich as God on Earth. We realized this was the painfully obvious and totally reasonable conclusion considering Drew had played Jesus in international tours of Jesus Christ Superstar!

Any Holiday needs traditions, of course and so we came up with outlines for what constitutes a Drewmas celebration and even a Drewmas song, mostly full of inside jokes between my fellow Drew-loving friend and I so don’t expect it to make a lot of sense, but please feel free to make your own Drewmas songs!

Below are some pictures from The First Drewmas

   <—— Sarah holding the Drewmas cake

    <—— Close up of the Drewmas cake (and yes, in case you’re wondering, the people at the bakery thought we were totally nuts)

     <—– Here’s Danielle and Mysti with the gifts they got in the White Elephant exchange. Danielle got the hat and Mysti got a bottle of…. uh… was it water from the fountain of youth? Something like that. I’m sure she treasures it.

     <—– Here’s Aarthi with a whole bunch of tea.

     <—– Dallas with the 3 hole punch she won (oh, and the reusable bag, too!)

     <—– Here’s Sarah (and Aarthi) with the rubberband jump rope she got.


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