Drewmas: A History

Drewmas is a made up, just-for-fun holiday which is pretty much just a good excuse to spend time with friends and, even better, an excuse to make your friends listen to cast recordings for musicals (particularly the wide variety of musicals in which Drew has been cast).

Ideally Drewmas celebrations should include:

*Good (preferably musical-loving) friends

*Music (including cast recordings that include Drew, such as Der Glockner von Notre Dame, Rudolf Affair Mayerling, Lestat, Jesus Christ Superstar, Hair, etc – also of course any great bootlegs you might have- and Drew’s other CDs such as Say It, I.V. and Silent Symphony)

*Awesome Drew-themed foods, ideally Drewcake.

*Also, you are encouraged to create your own Drewmas songs!

See pictures and read stories from Drewmas 2009 (the first Drewmas) here

For some reason I can’t find pictures from Drewmas 2010 😦 But if/when I do I will post them here!

See pictures and read stories from Drewmas 2011 here

Pictures and stories for Drewmas 2012 will be added here



2 thoughts on “Drewmas: A History”

    1. First of all, it’s “You’re” … second of all, I didn’t hear you complaining while you were eating that blackout coffin cake last year or the Drewtarts and Drewpuff this year! Or while we were watching the musical episode of Scrubs! 🙂

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