2015 #WorstDrewmasEver

So one of the guys who lives next door (in the duplex) came over this evening, professing that he wasn’t drunk (even though he clearly was) and yelled at me that I was very rude to him the other week because he had spent $60 on pizza when I came over to play cards (never mind that I specifically advised against getting 2 extra large pizzas for just 3 people and that I pointed out getting so many toppings – which I didn’t request, btw – would be very expensive. He probably does not remember professing how much he “didn’t give a damn” about the cost of the toppings what with his being drunk at that time as well). So I point out that I did thank him for the pizza several times while we were eating and playing cards and if I overlooked thanking him again when I excused myself and left then that was rude and I apologize – and that I felt excusing myself from the evening seemed like the best way to make my exit since I was at his house and his use of racial slurs was making me very uncomfortable.

So he proceeds to yell at me some more about “siding with coons” and some other choice slurs and then continues to explain that he doesn’t like me because I’m an Atheist and he doesn’t like “those kind of people” because we “have no morals” and “where do you think you come from then? Do you think your parents just.. just had sex and here you are?” to which I responded that, yes, as a professional sex educator it seemed very likely to me that I was the result of my parents having sex – or even if I was secretly adopted, most likely the result of two people having sex at the very least.

Then he accused me of being the reason that our shitty internet runs so slowly (never mind that when he moved in there were only like 2 people and now there’s 6, it’s all me), because he heard from Bob (one of my housemates) that I “watch 5 movies at once” and download things all the time. I pointed out that my roommate (being a 60 year old man) doesn’t really “hang out” in my room and I’m not sure how he would know what I was doing on my computer, that when I first moved in I had tried to stream things on Hulu and Netflix but found it practically impossible because of how terrible the internet speed is here and now that I switched to checking out DVDs from the library rather than streaming except on very rare occasions (and to the best of my knowledge, only when no one else is home). “But what about that big file you told me you were going to download?” …. “You mean the time I called you to ask if you were going to be home over Christmas weekend because no one else would be home and so I was planning to download a large file…. because NO ONE ELSE WOULD BE HOME FOR THREE DAYS? Yes, I did download the large file, after making sure no one else would be around to suffer from me downloading a large file on our terrible internet connection.”

Then he proceeded to tell me about how he knows I’m doing something to screw up the internet for everyone else by documenting all the times he has had trouble with it lately, which my roommate was there to point out seemed unlikely since I was at work during all of those times.

…..I’m glad I have all good Christian housemates…. *eyeroll* (to be fair the other 4 people in the duplex aren’t angry drunks and have yet to accuse me of not having any morals, at least not to my face…) #WorstDrewmasEver