The very first Drewcakes (and Drewcupcakes) were actually made for a birthday party in 2008:

  <—- this is a picture from when Drew was playing Enjolras in the Revival of Les Mis on Broadway. That’s him up at the front with the gun, leadin’ the charge into the intermission. (Other people I believe are in this picture include Nikki Renee Daniels, Jeff Kready and JD Goldblatt – it’s a very star-studded cake).

      <—– Now, the cake looked pretty perfect when I picked it up at the bakery… unfortunately it was the summer time and it was very very hot and humid and it was a very moist cake with layers of lemon curd filling and a cream cheese frosting… yeah, cakes of that type apparently don’t do so well in heat. By the time I got the cake to the party this is what it looked like! Those utensils are actually trying to hold the cake together, this is from before we had eaten any of the cake.

 <—– for some reason WordPress won’t let me reorient this picture… anyway, we figured not everyone would like yellow cake with lemon curd filling so we also had a selection of Drewcupcakes at the party!

   <—– The left Drewcupcake is Sarah getting a birthday-Drewhug and the one on the right is Sarah and Lucas getting Drewhugs. Drew gives the best Drewhugs (crazy how that works, right?) 🙂

   <—– Again with WordPress not letting me re-orient the picture… anyway, the Drewcupcake on the right is Sarah getting another Drewhug and the one on the left is from Drew as Enjolras.

   <—– 2 more Drewcakes with Drew as Enjolras.

    <—— Two more Drewcupcakes with Drew as Enjolras

 <—– The Drewcupcake on the left is my second favorite 🙂

     <—— The Drewcupcake on the right is by far my favorite. Yes, that’s Drew as Enjolras hanging upside down on the barricade after the big battle scene. I mean, it’s sad and all, but how awesome is that on a Drewcupcake, really?

From Drewmas 2009


From Drewmas 2011

   <—– The theme for Drewmas 2011 was Drew’s Vampire characters. Come on, tell me that Dracula, Armand and Krolok (all vampires played by Drew) wouldn’t make a pretty hot three-some? hahaha.

     <—– I was about to write that “this year the bakery people didn’t think I was crazy because this cake was made by my friend who is a baker!” except that’s not entirely true. She’s my best friend not because she doesn’t think I’m a little crazy but because she accepts that I’m a little crazy. In fact, one of the reasons we went with this as our theme is because I couldn’t find a local bakery that did the edible-frosting-printing thing unless I used a picture that wasn’t copyright protected or which I had the copyright to… well of course that meant I would have to use one of my stagedooring pictures of me *with* Drew and I thought a cake with a picture of me with Drew would seem like weird…. when I explained that to my friend she responded “Well it’s good you draw the line somewhere…” hahaha 🙂

     <—– Though this Drewcake was a bit of a cheat since it did not have the likeness of Drew on it it was still very tasty!


And in 2012 there was no drewcake, instead… there were Drewtarts!!


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